Our Programs

Bridges Non-Profit

Leslie’s goals are to bring enthusiasm and funding education for the youth of today, as well as the youth of tomorrow, through playing bridge. Without programs to ignite the genius in all of us, we will be stifled as a society as our youth grows up.

Bridge allows the youth to realize self motivation and dedication to a skill that challenges them as individuals. One of the key programs Bridges Non-Profit wants to do is to raise money for those without a home, especially veterans. One of the main problems that most people are unaware of is the “Bed Bug” infestation that is rampant in our cities today.

Those without a home including war veterans will not go to the shelters because of this widespread problem. They would rather live on the street than sleep on mattresses affected by “Bed Bugs” because of the harm they cause to the body. To solve this widespread issue, the non-profit Bridges was formed.

Bridges strives to raise funds to be able to buy “Bed Bug” covers for the mattress in these shelters. In this way, homeless people including veterans will be able to sleep comfortably in these shelters and strive to get their lives back on track.

Throughout our lives, there are always times when we need a helping hand. Bridges gives individuals the opportunity to help not only ordinary citizens struggling to make it through each day but also veterans who have served our country and sacrificed years of their lives to ensure the safety and freedom that we enjoy today.

Fairy Tale Portraits

The real story here is that there are quite a few of us that have lost children; in pregnancies, under stillborn, life threatening conditions, deformed babies, or lack of growth.

It is a difficult subject to talk about or face. Some of us quietly say it is God’s will and it was meant to be, or that it must have happened for a reason.

However, inside we feel the pain. Every family mourns differently; every family finds a way to cope. The truth of the matter is that we would all like “closure”.

Fairy Tale Portraits provides families with that sense of closure. Jennifer tastefully takes pictures given to her from these families of the infants and creates portraits in remembrance of these children. These portraits give a face to family members that were lost to death during pregnancy and honor their existence.

People from all over the world have commissioned Jennifer to create these amazing images, so they can have something close to their hearts, giving them a sense of closure in their lives.

This is undoubtedly a tragic subject to discuss, but one that must be addressed for families. Jennifer aids in the healing process; a process that is delicate and takes time, but one that is necessary to move on.

By Jennifer Warner

Summary: Fairy Tale Portraits is a non-profit, founded by Jennifer Warner, dedicated to helping families achieve closure after the loss of an expected child. She works tirelessly to create pictures that serve as a remembrance for families that have lost children. Though it is a difficult subject to discuss, it is one that is an important step in the healing process.

Photography For Philanthropy

In most school districts and even recreation facilities, funding for the arts is dwindling at an extreme rate. This is why it is absolutely imperative to fund organizations that contribute to the creativity and free-spirit of our youth. It instills motivation and allows them to escape from their everyday duties. One such program has come to be known as Photography for Philanthropy, a nonprofit dedicated to generating innovation and channeling the driving passion within a child through photography.

The founder, Alexey, has implemented a travel program where he takes student to an amazing California Coastal site to teach the basics of photography. At the end of the trip, he provides constructive criticism and words of encouragement to help them reach their goals. Photography for Philanthropy also dedicates time to teaching children with cancer, autism, or any life-threatening disease, allowing them to express themselves through the arts while learning valuable skill

Short: Photography for Philanthropy is a non-profit program dedicated to generating innovation, instilling motivation, and driving passion within a child, through photography. The instructor, Alexey, teaches students the basics of photography in an interactive and aesthetic environment, in order to ensure that they are capable of reaching their full potential. Photography matters because it allows children to capture the world from their own perspective, and it is our hope that we are able to spark the imagination and foster the individuality of every child we meet.

Phil’s Coffee Plantation

In the rainy mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua exists Phil’s coffee plantation “La Novia de la Montana”. Phil is working with the government of Nicaragua to create a nature preserve and sanctuary around the plantation. This is to protect the natural habitat of the Quetzal, the howler monkey and the jaguar, as well as all of the indigenous plant life.

In Plain Terms: To Save the Rainforest
Phil is adamant about creating a trade school for the local students, so they will have a future in life. It will teach them discipline, how to properly harness their creativity, enhance their ability to innovate, which will allow them to be able to support themselves and their families.

Another program Phil is working on is to increase the supplies for local medical facilities. To do so, he is working with US doctors and hospitals to ship the surplus of medical supplies from here in the states to ship to their facilities. It is vital that we help them with their shortage of medical supplies and equipment immediately as many lives can be saved by doing so.

Phil also wants to build a store to provide coffee pickers with the basic essentials in order to increase their productivity which in turn increases inventory and improves their lives as a whole.

Febe Program

Febe’s mission is to encourage people to engage in acts of kindness. The thing is, anyone can engage in an act of kindness, regardless of his or her age.

But yet, it doesn’t happen as much as it should.

Acts of kindness can be very simple. Little things, such as smiling at the people that we walk by every morning, can often easily brighten up a person’s day.

We could choose to volunteer at the local community center to teach kids how to read or to assist them with homework. We could volunteer at the Soup Kitchen, helping to provide for those in need. We could donate our time, or funds, to a family that is struggling to get by, or donate our time or funds to a food bank, helping many families struggling to get by.

Essentially, an act of kindness is love made visible. People shouldn’t feel obligated to perform an act of kindness, but rather do it because they want to. People should be naturally motivated to do an act of kindness; making others happy should make them happy as well. Did you know that happiness is contagious? It’s quite a splendid feeling to spread around.

Febe’s endgoal is to make sure happiness is always spreading throughout our communities, and this, of course, can be achieved through everyone’s contributing act of kindness.

Be sure to e-mail your act of kindness to febe@philanthropyhouse.org! Phil will publicize your act of kindness on his website, and one lucky person will have the opportunity to enjoy a free week of vacation in one of Phil’s homes.