FEBE Program

Febe’s mission is to encourage people to engage in acts of kindness. The thing is, anyone can engage in an act of kindness, regardless of his or her age.

But yet, it doesn’t happen as much as it should.

Acts of kindness can be very simple. Little things, such as smiling at the people that we walk by every morning, can often easily brighten up a person’s day.

We could choose to volunteer at the local community center to teach kids how to read or to assist them with homework. We could volunteer at the Soup Kitchen, helping to provide for those in need. We could donate our time, or funds, to a family that is struggling to get by, or donate our time or funds to a food bank, helping many families struggling to get by.

Essentially, an act of kindness is love made visible. People shouldn’t feel obligated to perform an act of kindness, but rather do it because they want to. People should be naturally motivated to do an act of kindness; making others happy should make them happy as well. Did you know that happiness is contagious? It’s quite a splendid feeling to spread around.

Febe’s endgoal is to make sure happiness is always spreading throughout our communities, and this, of course, can be achieved through everyone’s contributing act of kindness.

Be sure to e-mail your act of kindness to febe@philanthropyhouse.org! Phil will publicize your act of kindness on his website, and one lucky person will have the opportunity to enjoy a free week of vacation in one of Phil’s homes.