Promoting Philanthropy

Within the Community

Promoting Philanthropy

Within the Community

Our goal is to improve the well-being of the others and involve them in Philanthropy. Philanthropy is already about improving the well-being of others. However, when one is directly involved in Philanthropy their own well-being improves as well. Both the donor and recipient benefit from Philanthropy.

Our Model to Promote Philanthropy

Utilize Homes

We utilize homes owned by Phil Anthropy House to run philanthropic programs.

Any cause you pick, we support. We love to see anyone in the community get involved. We own 44 properties and provide them to nonprofits or individuals who would like to use the houses for philanthropic programs. If you have an idea, please fill up the form here.

Phil Anthropy House runs various philanthropic programs to provide the community the opportunity to take an active role in philanthropy.

We have a lot of ideas you can borrow. Please see the lists of our programs and let us know if you are ready to make a difference. All individuals are welcome. Just call us; as long as you have a heart to help. We will make it happen.

Establish Public Benefit Corporations for clients, in order that they may run their own philanthropic programs.

We help you set up a 501(c)(3) formed organization. We will assist you in every step from forming an organization until you are able to run your nonprofit on your own. We also provide a wide range of the services needed to be a successful nonprofit. Learn more about our program.


We have houses all over the United States that are open for philanthropic organizations to use. Click on each house location module for more information!

Here’s a list of the philanthropic programs we’ve helped to get started! Click on a module to expand it and discover more.

Here’s a list of the philanthropic endeavors that we helped our clients establish! Click on a module to expand it and discover more information.

Philanthropy Highlight

About Lura

Lura is 91 years young. Her husband, the love of her life of whom she was married to over 59 years died 15 years ago.  Lura she had a stroke six years ago, making it extremely difficult for her to get around and do daily chores. Lura is no longer able to drive but is determined to be self-sufficient. She struggles to pay her bills and maintain her apartment in Laguna Woods. The Laguna Woods Village does provide Lura a housecleaner once every two weeks and a meal every night. Lura has no relatives nearby to assist her and her only daughter, Rita Resek, lives in Ohio. Rita is in her sixties and is a retired professional bowler.

Lura would love to be able to afford a driver to take her to get groceries and out to get her hair done at least once a week.

Lura would also love to have her daughter be able to visit more than once a year. Due to her stroke, she gets a little dizzy if she tries to take the Laguna Woods shuttle to get around, so she is in her apartment all day long. She loves flowers for her small patio but they need to take in the sun 🙂