Happy Memorial Day 2016

Mark_twain2Did you know that rumor has it that Mark Twain was once invited to be the 13t guest at a dinner party? Despite a superstitious friend’s warning not to attend, Twain went and upon returning, reported to his friend that it was indeed an unlucky choice, as there was only enough food for twelve guests!

Guess he should have held out for National Wine Day on the 25th!

Get a head start on the Memorial Day festivities by imbibing on a little red or white !

Memorial Day facts to share with your friends:

  • Originally called “Decoration Daf’ as the graves of fallen soldiers were adorned with flowers, flags and wreaths.
  • It’s legally required to remember all those that have given their lives for our country at 3p.m. on Memorial Day.
  • What state holds the title for the birthplace of Memorial Day — some say Waterloo, NY; others Boalsburg, PA.

Well, I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks meeting with individuals interested in furthering the goals and philosophy of my nonprofit and I promise to fill you in with what’s been transpiring here in June.

Until then, enjoy your month, have safe celebrations and share love and laughter with family and friends!

Happy Mothers Day

happy-mothers-day-1Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there!

Raise my glass to you for all that you do — chauffeur, nurse, teacher, playmate and friend! Is there any hat that a mom doesn’t wear?

Do something extra special today and give your mom the pampering that she deserves!